April 2015

April 29th 2015 - Mark out a red line heading north into the the Central Saint Martins building ending up in an exhibition space at an empty perspex box.

Why north? - (inspiration) A direction given to Central Saint Martins students who attended the A course (1969)

Why 3 minutes? - Timeframe it takes the lowest paid investment banker in the United Kingdom to earn £50 sterling.

Why nothing? - Typically when a worker is paid, the value given for their work is transferred to a bank account, actual currency is never seen. Unregulated banks produce money (value) in a digital environment, actual currency is never seen. Pound sterling in real note or coin from has no worth, United Kingdom currency is not backed by precious metal as was once the case but is based on debt investment through the Bank of England, The Bank of England has shareholders and is a privately owned business. 

Why the red tape? - Wayfinding, representing a direction and simulating a map or mapping device. "red tape" significance, bureaucracy. To do almost anything within the environment at Central Saint Martins and any public or private space including, in this case, the Argent owned land at Kings Cross a person has to fill in a form and await permission, this would have been the case for this artwork, all bureaucratic process was ignored.