January 2016

Red Tape, Plinth, Perspex display cube, Cannabis seed, Text, Luminous jacket, Security guard 

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System: discusses that a work of art is not considered and valued as such until it has been socially instituted as a work of art by the people who are also consecrated or respected with institutional proficiency and authority.


Text - Reads: Established order produces it's own acclimatisation of intolerance.

Socially we accept that which is seemingly intolerable, an artist must have the institution as much as the institution must have the artist. An artist can critique the institution but the institution absorbs the artwork and recontextualizes the work as art.

Plinth & Perspex box - The plinth is used as a form of artistic and value reference, objects of consideration and value are typically placed upon a plinth to raise them up to a viewing level and away from the floor, The perspex display box holds within it the "art"

Cannabis seed - The cannabis seed is placed within the perspex box. In this instance the cannabis seed references an art object, rather than leaving the seed dormant I have germinated the seed to show a transformation. The transformative state of the seed helps the viewer to understand the transformation of art into socially accepted art. Using a cannabis seed is a purposeful insight into the politics of contemporary art. The cannabis seed in its dormant state is perfectly legal in the U.K but once germinated it then becomes illegal. Although the legality of the seed has no real reference to the work the nature of this legal transformation is interesting to me, if an artist wishes to show their work within an institution the artist must consider their subject to the point where they may have to self censor their work just to be accepted. Cannabis in the U.K is illegal, it would be destroyed by the authorities if discovered and I consider this to be similar to how a discovered artist might have to behave to be shown, or accepted, within contemporary arts institutions.

(DISCLAIMER - All illegal objects will have or will be destroyed and no one other than myself is involved in the production and display of this artwork)

Luminous jacket or Security guard - The security guard is in place to ensure that no person of the audience steps within the marked out box and behaves as the authoritative figure within this artwork, it is up to the security guard to decide if a person of the audience has the institutional proficiency and authority to judge the "art"

The luminous jacket is in place to represent the security guard as a concept when the security guard is not present.

Red tape - Marked out box, the spectator, or person who isn't considered an authoritative figure (including myself the artist) is asked to remain outside of the marked out red box. This purposefully obscures the view of what can be considered the artwork.