Whats the deal?

So I left art school a year ago now, when I was there a number of the tutors would say to the students; "80% of art school students stop making art within 3 years of leaving art school" I resolutely fall into that category and I'm totally not ashamed of it. The reason I'm not ashamed of it is quite simply that I realise the mistake I had made 4 years previously and that was making the decision to go to art school, art school does this thing to it's students it generally makes you hate what you're doing because at every turn you're being asked to justify your work. Before art school you'd make work because you loved making work, at art school you make work because you have to, and you have to do it in such a way that compromises your very values. It's because of this that I would never recommend anyone to go to art school to study fine art.

That being said, I did learn a lot art art school, mostly self promotion and discipline and also how the art world works behind all the galleries and artists. I made a ton of temporary friends, I only know one of them now as everyone left london when they finished at the uni. It was a blast for four years. But after all the dust settled and the realisation set in that really, the fun had been had and that now the art world scorns those without the right connections, I found myself in the place where I had started, working a 9 to 5 job just keeping myself on top of the rent and bills but now £54k in debt. I could've taken a lot of LSD, had a similar amount of fun and it would've cost me much less in both stress and money. But here I am....

So, What am I doing with myself now? Currently I work part time in a shop in London and I'm effectively homeless. I don't mind either, The part time job affords me the pleasures of doing what I do now, Riding mountain bikes and making videos about it and the homeless part, well, it's not the best thing to be in the world but I have a good source of friends and I bounce about on their sofas. Being homeless is also a very cheap way of living in London, I'm saving roughly £900 a month just on rent alone, and of course that would be amazing if I were earning enough to make that saving so really it's a necessary convenience rather than something that was implemented as a saving method. 

I'll get about more to writing about the things I now do. Riding bikes, making videos and the social media hustle